Oekaki Board

Another nifty addition to the site – an Oekaki Board. Sort of a graffiti forum. Check it out, it’s in the sidemenu (under “Interaction”).


Originally Posted:  12/08/2007, 21:35


I’ve added a whole lot of games. You can play them by clicking on the links in the side menu. Most of them are popular classic games, redone by people with no lives. If anyone has a nice flash game, or a link to it, let me know and I’ll add it.

You can post high scores and stuff in the comments under the games.


Originally Posted:  12/08/2007, 16:20

Bye, Lunita.

This has been a really hard period for us. Very grim and draining. Today we had to say goodbye to Luna, Cindy’s cat. It’s unfair to simply call her Cindy’s cat. As strange as it may sound, she was a symbol for our relationship. You can see that by the address of this website. We took care of her very well, but some things are just out of your hands. I know one thing for sure: living beings die, but they don’t go away.


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